Covid-19 FAQs

What if I want to cancel my reservation?
You are allowed to cancel and enjoy the options of booking on a future date or we can issue a chargeable voucher for your stay to be used any time before December 15th, 2020
What if I am cancelling my reservation beyond the cancellation refund window?
This is acceptable until 8pm day of arrival.
What are you doing to ramp up safety and security at the hotel?
Regarding Safety;
  • Temperature of both staff and Guest are checked at various location within the hotel and prior to entering the building
  • Floor demarcations are in place to assist maintaining your social distance.
  • Hand sanitizers are available at high-traffic areas and widely available within the Hotel.
  • Provision of wash hand basins at the Hotel staff entrance Security: Stringent security measures are in place, there is the Boom Barrier and the tire deflator at both entry and exit gates. We expect the luggage scanner at the Hotel lobby entrance soonest..
Do you have a cleanliness and safety certification?
Yes, we have certification on the Hotel’s conformity to hygiene and infection control standards.
Is there a screening process for guests in place?
Yes, temperature checks are carried out, with the application of hand sanitizer and a mandatory use of facemask before entry the Hotel and within the Hotel premises – Restaurants, bars, gym etc.
Has your hotel Installed protective screens at front desk between guests and team members?
Yes and also, at the restaurants and bars
What are some of the changes?
  • Identification of demarcated floor areas for queuing and social distancing measures.
  • At the restaurant we respect the social distancing guidelines.
  • Individually packed Grab & Go food options are available.
  • Food and drinks are served respecting strict food and safety procedures.
Is there a mandatory use of face mask by guest and staff?
Yes, is mandatory for everyone in the Hotel
Are Guest briefed on COVID – 19 precautionary measures?
Yes we have Hotel Newspaper in guest rooms and the banner on precautionary measures, displayed in various location of the Hotel
Are Doctors available 24/7?
Yes, we are closely working with a nearby Clinic.
How frequent are the gym equipment disinfected?
The gym attendants disinfect the equipment after each use and not more than 3 persons are allowed in the gym at a time.
Is the pool opened?
The Pool will remain closed for now
What is your hotel doing to guest when they drop off the vehicle?
Guests transport vehicles will be sanitized after each drop-off/pick-up. In process
What are the changes for the Drivers section?
Driver section will be segregated with a temporary plastic/transparent sheet.
Does your hotel have sanitizer for guest exiting the Hotel?
Sanitizer is provided for guests before entry into vehicles and their luggage is sanitized.
What is in place for Staff?
Staff have been certified on hygiene and safety measures to break the chain of Covid-19 and stop the spread of the pandemic. Mandatory use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) e.g. nose mask and hand gloves while on duty and when boarding the staff bus. Staff uniform sanitization and staff locker room disinfection are in place. Temperature check is mandatory for all staff before boarding the staff bus. Staff transport is equipped with sanitizer.
Do you have paid stay-at-home policy for staff with symptoms?
Are Staff required to regularly wash hands?
Yes, wash hand basins are provided at staff entrance and provided at various locations within the Hotel.
Is there a Regular temperature checks for staff?
Yes, there is for Staff and guest both upon entering the premises.
Are there procedures in place for related Covid-19 case?
Procedures are in place to deal with potential COVID-19 guest and staff.
Are there protocols in place for restricted regions?
We will follow the FCT and Lagos state Government directives and are dynamic and review daily
Is there a plan to Lock and remove Minibars?
Yes, the Minibars are emptied and locked.
Are there any changes in hours of operation for services like housekeeping or the front desk?
For Covid-19 safety reasons, staff are not allowed to access guest room while guest is in the room
Can I check-in or check-out without going to the front desk?
Yes, you can check out without going to the front desk and for the check-in process, is still been developed.
Is there a Contactless check-in and Contactless check-out process in place?
Yes, is possible for Contactless check out while contactless check-in is been set-up for use.
What is the Controlled check-in/check-out process?
Our guests can review their stay invoice on the TVs, they can make use of the Intercom for communication and do not need to come to the desk to check out if all payment are made prior to check-in.
Is there a 24-hour minimum vacancy between guests in place?
Is there a Self-assessment form to be completed by guests?
Guests upon arrival are expected to complete a travel history form, indicating the various destination they've been to in the last 7 months.
Does your Hotel ensure room keys are disinfected and presented safely upon check-in?
Yes, room keys are disinfected prior to handing out to guests.
What facilities or F&B outlets will I still have access to at the property?
Room Service and Ekaabo Restaurant are currently accessible for now
What are you doing to ensure cleanliness in public areas?
We have increased the cleaning frequency at the public spaces and the high-traffic areas.
What are your guest room cleaning procedures?
All surfaces and the high-traffic areas in the guest room are cleaned, disinfected and sanitized properly, also
  • The rooms are sanitized thoroughly and disinfected with electrostatic device.
  • Rooms are sealed up with sticker after sanitizing and disinfecting to be accessed strictly by the guest only at check-in.
  • Hotel partners with Diversey brand for use of their cleaning chemicals.
  • The room linens are washed using the process of thermos disinfection or chemo-thermal disinfection.
What are the cleaning changes in the Hotel?
We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of all public areas with special attention given to high-traffic areas, like door handles and door knobs
Are your Lifts buttons regularly sanitized?
Yes, after each use.
Are your carpeted floor of lifts replaced with vinyl?
Are there displayed door hangers with cleaning and disinfection procedures in each room?
Yes, there are
Does your hotel Implement improved air circulation process to increase air quality?
Yes, the Hotel ensures regular cleaning and servicing of exhaust system and frequent change of the AHU filters. All A/C units, AHU vents are regularly cleaned and given preventive maintenance. Also, the Hotel makes use of Air freshener and dehumidifier for improved air quality.
Does your Hotel Provide travel size hand sanitizers to guests as an in-room amenity during their stay?
Yes, we do
Do you have individually wrapped toiletries?
Yes, we have.
Does your Hotel Place TV remote controls in individually sealed protective bag after disinfection?
Yes, we do.
What is the water temperature for washing linen?
We wash all linen at (70 – 80) °C for optimal disinfection.
Are sanitizers and disinfectant wipes available to all guests in the fitness and wellness areas?
Yes, they are available.
What are the changes in your meeting rooms?
Meetings Rooms have sanitizers on each door entrances, the equipment used and the work areas are sanitized after each and every meeting break. We adhere to no more than 20 people per meeting area. Individually packed water and mints are provided.